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March 05, 2009



I saw on your Stats Page that in 2009 you are planning a server upgrade.

What kind of server(s) are you buying in 2009 for this upgrade? (Be Specific, I'm a Systems Admin).

I am wondering because if, by chance, they are close to what we use at my place of business, I may be able to drum up a donation of hardware that you can use to offset your costs for the new servers.


Ronald de Regt

Why not ask the Bill Gates Foundation? they have billions to spend :)


Can I find out if donations are Tax-deductible from my non-US country (eg. Australia) ?


Yeah this would fit perfect with Bill Gates Foundation considering Bill's background.


The donation page say : "Your last Make a Gift session did not complete properly. No gift was made. Please start over." everytimes I try to give some funds for the folding@home project (by following the "http://pgnet.stanford.edu/goto/foldinggift" link in the post), and there's no "folding" or anything like that in the list "Please select the school or group to which you wish to make a gift" on the page who display this message.

Perhaps I make some mistakes.

(I've tried in Firefox and IE7)


It was a temporary problem, I've retry 3 times in the next hours after my post, and the third was the good one ! ( I've just received the confirmation )

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