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February 18, 2009



So, does this work on Intel and AMD/Ati cards, or only on Nvidia cards?


Vijay who do we contact if we folded a work unit, it submitted and it wasn't counted on our overall score? I left my PlayStation crunching a 1,000,000 piece work unit for almost two days and even though I got no submission error from my PS3 (the number of failed to submit units didn't increase) the unit wasn't tallied. That's an awful big unit and long amount of time to crunch it for it not to be counted or used.

susato, foldingforum.org moderator

Steve, support requests, including questions about particular work units and servers, should be posted to the general support forum www.foldingforum.org where a large community of expert Folders is available to answer your questions. ProDigit, the answer to your question is yes - and much more detail is available in the GPU/ATI section of www.foldingforum.org.

Jaak Ennuste, Estonia Donates

GPU's are the future of massive parallel computation in terms of price/performance and watts/performance.

Jaak, estoniadonates.wordpress.com/


Following the link to the paper leads me to .interscience.wiley.com - they want money for the paper!

Hey - I donate my CPU power, so why should I pay to read that paper?
Please make it available to download elsewhere for free.



I agree with JCC. I leave my GPU system running to support the program. I am very happy to contribute the computing power. I am myself successfully exploring the GPU usefulness in DB analysis. I am contributing my system time as part of that study. It is very unexpected that I now have to pay for this paper.

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