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February 10, 2009



So in other words: we wont lose any points??


My GPU client hasn't shown an update on EOC.com all day. What's up?


POINTS look down to what people normally do for OCAU.
Looks like WU's ARE missing.
We are normally around the 30k points NOT 13k at the last update point.


It's 1500 pacific time and stats are still down, anyone have any up dog? I am sad :(


It's unfair because it seems that some users have got points and others don't.
But this can only been seen at kakaostats and folding.extremeoverclocking.com

Michael Haggerty

Try not to lose sight of the fact that the real point of this project is not to accumulate "points," but to help find cures for very real diseases and disorders. The points are merely a fun way of participating in a friendly competition.

Dennis Vasko

I believe everyone got their points in the end even though it was delayed until server was back and catching up with the stats.

Allen Kersey

Hi everyone, I have a PS3 that the HD died, after replacement on the 14th of Feb, at 2100 hrs on the 16th, my PS3 states I have completed 7 WU's but the online server only gives me credit for 3. My system states 8 WU's downloaded, 7 WU's awarded contribution points. OK, where are they? I thought this server error was fixed?

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