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January 08, 2009


Neil Rieck


This was a great lecture and I was intriged by the idea of Storage@home. As an aside, this might make a good starting point for the next episode of the TV series "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" (Skynet?) :-)

I do not know how long the PARC video will be available to the public, but you should make a copy of it available at your site or YouTube. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Neil Rieck
Waterloo/Ontario, Canada.


Video should be here:


I couldn't find the video. Does anyone have a link?



Try that one:


Sorry, I meant the YouTube link. I can't get the link to wmv to play and don't want to load media player.

Michael G.R.

Good lecture. These updates are very appreciated.

It would indeed be a good idea to put the video on Google Video or Youtube. Would be much easier to watch.


I always wonder why so many videos have no download link. It is impossible to watch on a slow connection. It is not a commercial video. Is it so hard to just allow it to be downloaded.

Hans van der Leer

A good video presentation and great plans for the future.
Congratulations on that!!

Unfortunately the video and sound quality are not good enough to use it for promotion of FAH to my idea.
F.i slides are partialy unreadable and the questions out of the audience are not clear.
Some microphones there could have done the trick.
Testing the slide presentation on camera would have showed the problem.
And please please Vijay, do not talk so fast, spare us foreigners.........

Estonia Donates supercomputer

Extremely good presentation. Complex subject discussed in comprehensive way.

Jaak, http://estoniadonates.wordpress.com/

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