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December 18, 2008



Wow, awesome. It's incredibly exciting that the project might have already found a solution to one of the big problems it was designed to address.

Perhaps this could get even more people to contribute, as this result is more understandable to the general public than many of the other results so far (not saying that those're unimportant, but the results aren't exactly as eye-catching as "Alzheimer's might be cured").


I'm just glad to be involved.. whether u guys produce full-blown cures, or do the ground-work so that others can build on their research, i'm very happy to contribute to such a worthy project!


Just I know why I contribute thausends of WUs and got more than 1+ mio points.

I glad to hear that now results coming up.
Nice work and best christams gift for me.

Michael G.R.

Great news!

Sadly,the FDA bureaucracy is very good at delaying good cures, but hopefully it won't take too long this time if FAH has a winner on its hands.

Elwal Vador

Hopefuly Obama will appoint a faster, harder working, smarter FDA cheif who will trim some of the fat off the FDA and make it quicker at approving drugs.


Well done so far; looking forward to seeing results for Huntington's Disease.

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