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December 02, 2008


Adam A. Wanderer

Thanks! Your efforts for all of us are greatly appreciated. I'm looking forward to using the improved clients and watching the results move the science of proteins forward. Everyone knows the massive amount of work it has taken to develop a project of such size and complexity. I doubt very many other scientists would have been able to do even half as well for such long range goals.


Keep up the good work Vijay, and we'll keep on Folding@Home, work, or wherever we're at!


Can you tell us when a GPU2 Linux client will be released?


This project and others like it give us hope that we`re finally putting our big mammal brains at work for something constructive. i`m very proud to be part of such an experiment and i have only one question since i`m a filistine in the inner workings of science and stuff. to put it simply: how long is it gonna take until you (we) find the cures for those diseases? i`m just curious. thanks Vijay and all of the f@h users.


I'll echo Bob's comments, since "with more solid GPU2 and SMP2 clients done, we can then move on to other areas" - I think the Linux GPU2 client is one such "other area"??!

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