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October 20, 2008


Brent Turner

I was wondering why I couldn't up/download any work. I finally shut my PS3 down after almost 2 full days of trying. What do you guys mean when you say the PS3 client is "Out of jobs"?

game kid

@Brent Turner: Jobs are sent from Folding@home's servers to PS3s doing work. PS3s work on the jobs (and earn you points) as long as they are sent. If the servers have problems, the client you install on your PS3 has bugs, or our PS3s actually finish every job that the project can ever make for us (which may never happen), our PS3s don't get jobs to do, and get stuck with less exciting tasks like running games or idling or dreaming of whatever PlayStations dream of.

As far as I can tell, each job is a very short time in a protein's "life", which your PS3 is told to recreate. Until the jobs can get sent and worked on again, science will get held back a bit. :(


Out of jobs == all project WUs have been processed.


I just got back to folding and my ps3 now connects to your servers, it finally works after 2 days. Thanks!


I finally got to upload the WU i've been holding on to for days,(Hooray!) Thanx Alot


I hope this was finally resolved. The weekend is the only time I have to catch up with the faster members of my team but I came home to find the PS3 trying over and over to connect in futility even though my net connection itself was lightning fast (I could pull up stats in a second but still got "attempting server connection again in 15... 30... 1 minute..." all night long).


Ditto RE not being able to get in on the PS3; will try again after dinner. Thanks for posting up the status update; thought my router had gone wonky (had some issues with other devices like my Chumby after the latest Windows Vista update).


I started both my PS3s up last nite and succesfully downloaded new work units.. one of em took 1 retry.. but as far as i know.. ever since then, they've been fine.. no uploaded work units left in queue.. so all seems good for now.


Congratulations on this system of viewing the world in PS3, thaks


I've been trying to upload for two days and nothing. Are things working? I'm on a computer running Vista 64. Nothing has changed on it and it worked previously very well.


My Statistics on the website state that i've completed 13 WUs, but my system statistics say i've completed 14. Am i an anomaly or have others had the same problem?

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