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October 09, 2008



Hi, I don't know if I'm in the right place here, but this is one of the few places i could comment on http://folding.stanford.edu/Netherlands/Main .
3 Comments : 1 positive and 2 "less positive".
The positive one is that this whole concept is just brilliant. End of story.
Less positive : In my opinion , on that site you don't explain well enough what the program actually does - eg content of upload and focus too much on the academic part of the project.
2nd, although there's a faq section, i can't find a mailadress anywhere to pose certain questions.
It is therefore my believe if you concentrate more on the program itself, you would get more support - especially in these times with hackers, phising... So I ran a little test and forwarded the site to a number of friends worldwide and asked them comment on it and if they would install or not :
around 75 % wouldn't install because of the program actions being too vague or they were afraid of spam, hackers, and so on.

From Belgium with love,

a 42 years old recovered braincancer patient

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