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September 22, 2008



"On the NVIDIA side, the catalyst 8.9 drivers seem to have resolved a number of issues with the viewer"

I think it's AMD/ATI here ;)


Nvidia client still crashes on viewer.exe =/

Jack Zhang

Lost the Grey 3D Nvidia background image, but it does show ns / day now instead of that other performance counter that counts my card (GeForce 9600GT Overclocked) in the 2000 range.

Mike Rowell

I find that the viewer now does nothing. Just a blue background, test protein a, 0%, User-123, Team-456, and the molecule doesn't move. It does still fold, though.


I have an Intel video display that came with the motherboard. It is has problems with the viewer


For me the viewer has allways worked flawless
so strange that for some ppl it does and for others it dosen't

Geforce: Asus 8800GT (92)512 MB
Drv 178.13


Where exactly is the new NVIDIA viewer? I searched the "high performance client download page", and found [email protected], but it contains a viewer.exe dated 30-May-2008 which is months older than this announcement, 22-Sept-2008.

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