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September 23, 2008



Thanks for the news, it's good to learn that a problem (how long to resolve it can be) is under control :)

Good news for the server code too, it's clear that sometimes rewrite from scratch is much longer but is the best to do !


So far I did not have any issues with networks :)
I guess having your own network would be better, you wouldn't be dependant from others :)


Wow, its amazing how hard servers are to run. It seems everyone everywhere is constantly complaining of servers. Being always on the client end, it makes me wonder why are servers so difficult, but I understand that they are.

Adam A. Wanderer

Thanks! Anything you can do is appreciated. We all realize the problems connected with hardware and software both. As long as no data is lost and serious slow downs in input/output of work units are at a minimum, there's nothing anyone or anything else could do to resolve the problems. Every donor out here is behind both you and the project.


Dear Sir.
I have some idea for participating in the project. but i could not find any contact info in the web site.
please contact me via Email. My company has some solution for joining you .

Saeid Poordelir


I think that with all the server dropouts/failures over the weekend (see Forum), perhaps fixes in this area should be moved higher up the priority list ......


Stats server is down.


only 3 words: Very good news!


How do I get this out of dos mode?

Stephen Dewey


It sounds like you downloaded the console client. You should go back to the download page and download the "system tray" client instead.

In other words, if you are using Windows, you would want:

"Windows XP/2003/Vista
System tray client installer with viewer"

instead of

"Windows XP/2003/Vista
Console client only zip file (with Windows-service-install option)."

If you have further questions, please post your question in the Forum, here:


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