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September 18, 2008


Marc Gesche Arias

Well i don't know what i should think of this. In my opinion if LWP takes any of the computing power from Folding@Home it should be a separated program. I want Folding@Home to get ALL my computing power because personally i don't have any use for an animated globe with a bit of news and infos. I get that all with Google =)

Greetingz Marc


Team: 67929

Jack S.

I like the GUI but I would love to see a few things added in there so I (and others) would be given a better reason to use this interface. I want to be able to skip, pause, or rewind my music from the interface. Also, why is there no option to check my stats from the GUI? Finally, if I could do more than just read the news items given to me in the interface, or if I could even surf the web independent of it, then I would be very motivated to keep using it.


I was very excited about this update :)
got installed, and was surprised how limiting this thing is :(
I do hope that function buttons will come back to folding channel. Options menu.
It is ok for me, I configured my ps3 folding client before life on ps, thus I fold for my team and with my nickname. but what about new users? anonymous?
anyway, I do hope sony will expand the userfriendliness of that program. :)


Works perfect. I noticed that the setting to shutdown after the current unit is now remembered. So i can leave it on and it will automatically start folding and shutdown after the current unit.

Great. Good work :)


Seems less options and userfriendly than the previous version.
Also, what's the use of a powerfull Cell cpu if all goes to the more 'visualisation' of the folding program.
We need ALL the power of the Cell cpu to be addressed for maximum performance.
It's not a game, it's calculating for SCIENCE.


Where's my stats?

Charles L. Brown

Dr. Panza and the team at Standford University, Thank you for listening to your donators. the new up-dates is far beyond my dreams. WOW! with the addition of the live realtime news and tempurture is an educational tool in it self. Mornings and evenings will be great my own personnal music player that give me the imformation I need and entertain me also.
Thank You again [email protected] Team: snowmen #5 and #42

Jack Zhang

At first, I thought LWP was a BOINC Client for PS3. Now I'm majorly disappointed it's just a Google Earth with too much eyecandy. My performance has dropped to having to fold for 25+ hours straight to get credits. If anything were to change, a BOINC client for PS3 would work wonders since it doesn't need as much graphical eyecandy and will focus all the power on the Cell.

I'm loving the new GPU2 client though, I could crunch 1 WU in 3 hours and run a optimized Seti@home app alongside to use the CPU's power. But the PS3 now taking 25+ hours is a joke and a huge step backwards. Try to find a way to get CUDA to work on the PS3 as that, with the Cell and RSX together, would add enormous power.

Overall, I liked the old client better. If better code is introduced that was designed for a GPU but is instead used for a CPU, Why aren't you using the RSX with CUDA?

(end of rant)

Jack Zhang


"Imagine being able to wake up to your PS3 to see if you need to pack an umbrella for the day."

This would be cool if I could enter in a city less than 1000 miles from me. I live in Oklahoma City and Houston is the closest city I can select? What does their weather or news have anything to do with where I live? I can't even pick Dallas, TX...the ninth-largest city in the US.

Completely worthless selling point in that quote above.

Where's the configuration option to uncheck "Lame"?


Please add back the ability to fold for a specific team. I don't understand the reason for taking this feature out.


I jumped the gun. I posted before watching the video. All of my questions were answered there. Great work.


i have folded 808, but when i look at the leader board i have 0 folds


Where the hell do I put in my username/team number?!?!


I like the new LWP concept and it's a nice touch. Some major flaws, however, such as when you select a news headline the browser brings up the news article from the web and on my 50" high-def 1090i television the font is SO tiny I can't read it. And...they took away the ability to zoom in and out like in the normal browser. And yes the stats are hit and miss..sometimes mine show in the leaderboard, other times I show as zero.


Where is the stats that we used to see while folding? Where do I input the team I'm contributing to? The most detail I get is % complete.

I'm all for progress... but what gives?!


You have to hold the square button down then switch to the folding channel. The "channel" format is part of the plan for future expansion of LWP


can anyone tell me why it says ive not contributed any points on the leaderboards but ive completed 7 wu since my update and over 500 total with my 3 playstations any advice would help GENTASTIK


regarding the leaderboard, yes it's a little flaky as to how it updates. Basically just keep signed into the playstation network as much as you can, and keep running the LWP program as much as you can, and eventually it will update. Don't worry if sometimes it shows your score as zero..it does that somtetimes but it will come back. Mine is still slowly becoming more and more accurate every day


I Love this new update!


I like the new interface but it no longer remembers my music preferences. So every time I exit the program I have to switch from MOOD music to my music selection. In addition I have to switch shuffle on each time. This setting is also lost every time I exit the app. Hopefully this will be addressed. Not sure if this is a Folding issue or Sony Life with PlayStation issue. hard to tell where the line is drawn now.


i know this seems dumb but can i turn off my ps3 or will it stop folding im a noob to all of this and also can i play a game and still be folding will it make my connection lag pls help

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This is perhaps a few days outdated... but I would like to comment,

I agree the New Client is a beautiful piece of work, and its noticeable that its Incomplete. Its obvious it was designed to hold many more services that are not yet ready.

However I also share the concern of others that the Overhead of the Graphics which was previously not effecting the Computations... is now a small issue. Is there no way to this can be avoided. For instance when my machine is in Screen saver mode, the load should be minimal, is this not true?

Secondly if the Software now uses the GPU and not the CPU then arent we wasting that power. After-all it was the CELL which tamed this landscape, and now its all but abandoned. Surely it could still serve the Grater good, or is the RSX all that matters now?

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This update is very cool on me. I like that.

Martin Free PS3 Wizz

I can't understand why Microsoft hasn't implemented this into their system i.e. Folding@Home. It just baffles me given that we could acheive so much more if the Xbox and Ps3 were both involved.

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