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June 15, 2008



QUOTE "However, if we can't get it to run as well as we'd like on Windows, we may choose to overhaul the whole code, as we did with the GPU1 client (which was really hard to run)"

What exactly does overhaul mean? Since the GPU1 client was shut down, does the WIN SMP nearing the same fate?


I cann't agree more, stability is hard to get with it at the moment.
Last 3 days EUE's constantly on 2665 WU's
Did a new install, but no luck.....


STOPPED FOLDING with SMP until NV client arrives.


Actually Moore's law states that the number of transiistors per metric unit will double, or their cost will halve every 18 months. This is the problem Intel is having now, cost is halving, but transistor count is barely moving.


nvidia gpu client 1week++ and counting :(

Clint Oakley

Stability of the Windows SMP client is really hampering the amount of work my systems can do. Right now I have two systems running SMP 24/7, but I could have two more if the stability (particularly the wireless connection freeze issue) was improved. Folding it into the main client (ha!) would be a big improvement.


If you are folding them 24/7, why not just run them in linux?


you all ned to cool off regarding nvidia gpus. if some internet site announced some speculations on release date, it does not mean, that it will be released that particular day/week. Until we get official announcement from Stanford that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow it will be released, nothing is set to stone.


quote form june 6: "Just as we turn the page on GPU1, we are nearing our open beta release for the GPU2/NVIDIA client. If all goes well, we hope to have that available in a week. I'll give an update if it looks like it will be delayed more than a week."
liar liar... cmon there are maaany people waiting. I think at least some announcment would be appropriate.

Clint Oakley


Some of them are community machines that run established (read: old) programs for laboratory equipment, so switching OS isn't an option. They're idle most of the time, and when they're not the usage is pretty light. Having SMP built into the main client would also help with the inevitable problem of someone sitting down at the computer, "Oh, what's this black DOS box doing here?" and closing it.


The only people who see the open beta are the press..

To bench the GTX 260/280 from Nvidia...like Anandtech.com / ocaholic 7 computerbase.de.

So far not for normal people like us (which build the strong base of F@H)... you are cheating at us... my frustration and others are growing with each second without any information.


I guess I've been lucky. I've been running the SMP client on Windows since it came out, and haven't had any issues. Pair of AMD Opterons.

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