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June 09, 2008


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Nvidia client!!!!!


Yeah waiting for Nvidia client ...

Team PD 86565

What a bunch of whiners. This post has nothing to do with wanting an Nvidia client -_-

Hopefully that'll fix that EUE issue I had on that one project number, although I havent drawn that project number in awhile so to be honest it prolly wouldn't matter. Good to have an update though :)


I noticed that my client now runs continuously with less "hangs". Previously, after submitting results, it would be attempting to get a work packet all round the day but not doing anything else. GPU utilization is hovering between 0 to 2% for running Windows only. I'll have to restart the client for it to download the work packet correctly and proceed to crunch a work unit.

After my client's been updated, there hasn't been this issue anymore.

Anyone else had this issue sorted out?


To make my previous post clearer, the hangs occur occasionally, not always. It's like once every 2 days or so. And yeah, like most folders, my machine is running 24/7 with my RV670 chugging along at 60 to 65% these days.. still CPU limited?..

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