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June 06, 2008



Does anyone know which nvidia chips are going to be supported i have a 7950 gx2 I have just replaced with a ATI 3870 OC for folding just wondering if it is worth holding on to the other card or if only the 8 / 9 series cards will be supported.


Yeah any statement would be great. In public there're rumours that it will be for nvidia's upcoming GeForce 260/80. But it would make no sense because it uses CUDA. Also the founder of Folding@Home said that they loose many petaflops without nvidia. This project could be in a further stage, lost time while not supporting nvidia for a long time period.


Start with the list of CUDA enabled GPUs on the NV website. Not saying these are all supported, as I don't speak for the project, but if your card isn't on the list, it may not be supported.




If the list is what comes out, you'll be able to GPU fold on a ThinkPad.

Team PD 86565

Purely speculation, however being that GPU2 only supports cards with stream processor technology on the ATI side may mean only G8 and G9 GPUs.

I'm not saying the stream processors are the reason behind this, only that based on card generations, it would be a safe bet.


Well I know and my 9800GTX is capable of CUDA also my 8800GT and GTS 512 before.
It's a fact that Folding lost potential folding power over the time. PS3 they thought will give a lot of power but it doesn't compared to GPU.


944 work units and out. what card to buy next i wonder?


I would suggest either the upcoming AMD/ATI 4870 or a nvidia GeForce 260/280. :-)
I hope in end of this week we will see a nvidia client.


I think ATI's stream processor architecture will still yield better performance than nVidia's parts. They designed it from the ground up with general purpose programmability in mind, particularly for scientific applications.

But I still hope that the nVidia client will kick ass because as good as ATI's GPUs are at folding, they're not as good as nVidia's for games.

I'd prefer good gaming performance and good folding performance compared to average gaming performance and excellent folding performance any day.


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I would go for ATI over Nvidia though I use alot of graphics packages over games and nvidia is better for games


So what are all us poor folk with Radeon X1xx0 cards supposed to do? I guess fold all the cores of my processor.


Find the original article online.

The PS3 can do about 100ns of protein simulation in a day, the 3870 somewhat more, a quad core about 4ns and the new nvidia 200 series can do 640ns of folding.

Its pretty amazing.


LOL!!! i told you all a long time ago about nvidia! remember about tesla? you guys said on comparason on a ati 3870 to tesla! haha! i was right all along!!! radeon has 2 chips on it that is why it is 3... gx2 tesla and a few other of the nvidia cards has 6 or more! if the 9800gtx is doing so well, i wounder what full tesla chip will do!


...So I guess the GF 7300 in my work PC is going to remain fallow for the forseeable future, going by that CUDA list :-/

Still haven't found anything I can "legally" do with it that uses any more of it's power than the equivalent of an old 8mb Matrox Mystique :)

Just stick to the happy crappy 1.8Ghz Celly M and it's "one WU a week" pace I suppose. A tiny fraction of what you guys are managing, but it all feeds into the whole at least.

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