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May 23, 2008



I too would love to have a linux GPU2 client. Many of my linux only render machines would be donors in down time instead of just sitting around.


you should wait till OpenCL hits linux/windows/Mac OS X.
and folding@home should write a unified code-base.

this way all platforms can enjoy, gpu folding.

Tore Andre Fossdal

I'd really like a gpu2 folding client for my linux.

I really hope its soon here.


You can currently run the GPU2 client for Nvidia cards (not ATI) on wine!

Its even in wines appdb!


Mark Smith

While having the ability to run the Windows client on Linux is nice, it's far preferable for F@H to release a real nvidia/linux core. I use Windows only as a guest OS in a VM. For everything else (INCLUDING GAMING!) I run Linux. WANT. GPU2. FOR. LINUX! :)

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