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April 17, 2008


Team PD 86565

That would be awesome! Finally a way to keep on eye on the client without looking at the log...

On a semi-related note, looking at the log, there appears to be an issue with the GPU2 client... I'm still averaging 1% every minute and 50 seconds or so, however now I'm only completing 1 WU per day. In the log, it mentions "Starting GUI Server" and then the next line of text reads Folding@Home Client Shutdown. it seems to reinitialize itself, however this is causing A LOT of downtime, considering I used to finish 3-4 WUs per day and now I only finish 1.

Figured it was worth a mention.


@ Team PD 86565

There are several viewers and monitoring tools available in the 3rd Party Tools List in the Folding Forum.

Sure, this new viewer will be even better, but no one has needed to keep looking at the log file for progress in a long time. EMIII and Fahmon are the two most popular examples.

And the best place to post feedback about the client is on the Folding Forum. If it's worth mentioning, it's worth posting there. Thanks.

Team PD 86565

I am completely unable to access the forums. Just like the old forums where I could barely get a page to load after say 20-30 refreshes and there was no chance in hell to be able to register, it does the same to me with the forums now.

I generally don't put faith in any 3rd party tools, however I will give those mentioned a try by way of googling, thx!


The new forum is much better than the old forum for speed, reliability, etc. If you are having problems, it's not being caused by the forum. Sorry.

Thomas Rocko

I have joined betateam and received a P4702 and P4703.
I have noticed that, for both of these, after a few hours folding the GPU usage will fall (and stay) at ~60%, resulting in about 5min longer frametimes. Normally on my system GPU usage stays at a constant 95%. There are no other processes running.
Incidentally, closing and re-opening the client resolves the problem, and frametimes are back to regular.
Anyone else having this problem?

NB I am running a 3850 (stock), with fan at 55%, resulting in a GPU temp of 65c @ 95% load. The CPU in question is a Q6600 @ 3.2Ghz (prime95 stable).


I find it quite unfortunate that the ati client will not be quite as slick as the sony client. Perhaps you can work out an arrangement with some of the graphics coding wizards at ATI to make the ATI client as good or better than the Sony client? I know some of their demos are outright amazing.

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