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April 15, 2008



Why only move the Windows clients?

The OSX list is big too, and many new users don't know which client to pick from those too.

IMHO it would make more sense to move all HP clients to a different download page, and not just the Windows stuff.

Or does this imply that Linux & OSX users are smarter in picking the client they need? I highly doubt it, especially for the OSX users.


It was my understanding that the GPU2 supported ATI 2xxx and 3xxx series while the GPU1 supported 1xxx series. Does GPU2 also support the 1xxx series too or are you dropping the ATI 1xxx series?

Jeff Smith

Are you going to drop support for 1xxx cards? :(


As other people noticed, it's little bit hard to upgrade from GPU1 to GPU2 without buying new hardware... I guess I'll need to consider the SMP client instead.

Neil Rieck

It looks like you have already removed the GPU1 client from your download page. I tried using the GPU2 client with an x1950 only to learn that "the older cards are not supported at this time". Will they ever be supported?


Please read the GPU2 FAQ. These questions have been answered.


Will there be a visual viewer implemented? It gives more satisfaction :)

Dedicated Servers for Folding@home

Please keep the GPU1 client around, or maybe give the client to another worthy @home project. There are a lot of people with 1XXX Series cards. I just bought two specifically for folding@home on the dedicated servers (three dual quad core Xeons) I am building and am wait for them to arrive by mail (there is no way I can return them).

If folding@home does not want my GPU cycles than I woudl love to give them to another project.


"We have also updated the GPU client on the download page, with GPU client downloads pointing to GPU2 rather than GPU1." It seems nobody told the folks at ATI, as the release notes for the Catalyst 8.4 drivers (released April 16th 2008) contain the following in the section titled "ATI's Folding@Home": "Note: If you have an ATI Radeon™ X1600, X1800, or X1900 series of product, download the GPU client (either console or GUI version) not to be confused with the CPU "Graphical client". If you do not have an ATI Radeon™ product listed above, then download the CPU client."

Assoc. Professor Charles L. Brown

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I find it's growth amazing.
But can you add new sections for the new I download for your program to play?
Example: there is calm, remcommended, drama, so on.
Can they add single albums, or being able to pick a goup of songs by one or many artists stored in my PS# harddrive?
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