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April 27, 2008



I'm seeing the client stats page still fails with an incomplete/malformed page or page not found.



Hello everyone!
Well first congratulations to aLL F@H teammembers, you're doing a great job!!!
But Ihave to ask something:
for a lil while now(around 3 weeks now)my F@H"Certificate" is not up to date... it stopped at 6600 points, and its not changing. Everytime I start my PS3 client I take a look at it...
Does anyone knows this problem, or maybe even help me?
Please E-mail me:
[email protected]


how far can be the Folding Home ! cause i have 56 worked done i have to get 100 so i could get my certificated!


I personally would welcome less frequent updates and/or some sort of caching, since every time I try to look at statistics, I see just "Please wait, we're updating, it's going to take 45 minutes FROM SOME UNKNOWN START TIME." 45 minutes every three hours? Come on, that's almost more downtime than uptime.

thomas fölsch

high! im here ,oh my god


apart from the errors and frozen screens ps3 all the way

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