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April 22, 2008



Which client(s) is(are) involved?

Will we get partial credit for EUEs or will it be crash and burn like the SMP client?

Stephen Dewey

Will the assignment of these new WU's be dependent on a client's performance fraction? I assume that will become an easier process with v6 too, though the SMP clients are still v5.xx.

It's a big step for F@H to be able to do some time-sensitive work, which will make the project as a whole more valuable. Congrats!


Is the classic client already running with the
-advanceds or will we have to add it?

Quitte willing to pauze with SMP and GPU for it.

We will wait and see (Team 46113) Hans


just set the flag!
hope AMD64 3500+ is fine.. runs 24/7!


if you set -advmethods in the -configonly via saying yes to adv projects you do not need to add -advmethods to the comand line

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