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April 03, 2008



"If all looks good, we plan to next have a completely open beta."

Next what? Next month, next week ^^?


Patience, grasshopper.


Fili: Don't worry. I'm sure it will be released by the time ATI releases their next major GPU. ;)

Of course the way that things are going, I'm not sure if it is even worth their time to make GPU clients. Based on what I have read in interviews of Tim Sweeney and Alex St. John, it sounds like the GPU may be extinct within 5-10 years, and all the graphics rendering will once again be done by the CPU.


Well Jason, until that time comes, we'll do 10 more years of folding on GPUs. :P

Team PD 86565

That isn't ENTIRELY correct, but it is close. ATI has introduced on the roadmap an 8-core processor where at least one of the cores is a dedicated graphics core. The hope is, however, that doing so will skyrocket the GPU's speed.

I'm soooooooooo excited that the GPU2 client is moving along so quickly! At this rate it'll be no time at all before we're folding on the 2xxx/3xxx cards :)


ATI will be out of business by time it is released...


That's great to hear, I'm eager to try my HD3850/512@760-1060 in Folding.
If it'll get at least 1400ppd, then maybe 3870X2 will come next. ;)


I would love to see the top GPU clients earning double the points per day of today's top quad-core CPU's.
I would also like to see enough GPU clients running on the latest hardware to get over 250TFOPs average on the client stats page (3000-5000 GPUs) instead of the current token few.


And I'd like a million dollars. You sure ask for a lot for something that is free.



If i have more points with my quad core, i will fold with my quad core.

If i have more points with my ATi 3870, i will fold with my ATi 3870.

The better for Stanford is to have more and more fold power.

So if gpu do more jobs, you have to give them more points.

It's the best way to have more GPU folding & have more TFLOPs.


Remember that all TFLOPs are not equal ... there's a lot of calculations that can not be done on a GPU (or PS3) ...


Sweet... Not sure if my 3870 will keep up with my quad core though. Kinda weird, my ps3 folds at night and it gets so many more points than my quad...and it always folds


where I can download GPU2?

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