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April 10, 2008


John Coleamn

I've spread the word on every forum I belong to. F'ing YAY!


Great job! But I've found one problem: It won't use more than 30-50 % of the GPU according to Catalyst Control Center. I'm using a HD3870 and an AMD Athlon X2 4400+ @ 2,6gHz.

sharif azzouzi

hello, i wana know wath the meni dots on the earth ar.


Aarthas> please see my post here : http://foldingforum.org/viewtopic.php?p=17611#p17611

You'll understand why it doesn't use all your GPU ;)


I suspect for a highend card, such as a HD2900XT or 3870, you need a Core 2 intel processor clocked over 3.2Ghz, to see a GPU utilization of greater than 80-90%.


Please Read the FAQ!

It has a lot of good info. For instance, the FAQ mentions how a high end GPU can get better performance from a faster processor, and vice versa.

Like Vijay said, Early Beta testing. Lot's of room for tweaking and improvements to come. :)

Please post client feedback in the Folding Forum. Thanks.


I own a ATI 2600HD (Asus) and get a error message : At present, only ATI Radeon HD 26xxx GPUs supported..


I've installed the new GPU2 client and

[23:24:04] ASUS EAH3850 Series detected
[23:24:04] At present, only ATI Radeon HD 2xxx/3xxx and ATI FireGL Vx6xx GPUs supported.
You may wish to consider running our standard client,
which you can download at folding.stanford.edu.


Please HELP !


The device detection issues are usually caused by the vendor specific drivers. Try to install the latest Catalyst drivers from the AMD/ATI site.


All please note the GPU (and PS3) threads in the folding forum... http://foldingforum.org/index.php

@ sharif azzouzi - The dots are where folding donors are located. http://foldingforum.org/viewforum.php?f=3

Team PD 86565

The forums won't let me register, and I have an extremely difficult time viewing them... I prolly average about 15 connection timeouts to 1 page actually loading.

How much is the average WU worth (one that's 5000 steps)? I am running an Athlon64 X2 6400+ (3.2GhZ) with Radeon HD 3870 X2 and for 12 hours I only seem to have racked up roughly 200 points between 4 finished WUs... Something strikes me as very wrong about this... I figured for 12 hours I should have at least doubled that, right?


I'm owning two 3870 and a Phenom 9850 BE.
So I read the FAQ but I'm not sure about how to fold on both GPUs.
So far I think it's necessary to disable CrossfireX but when copying the folder and renaming a shortcut I get a warning that some .dll can't be found.

I'd be pleased if you release a more detailed step-by-step how-to fold on two GPUs :)

btw: I'm using 6.11 beta3 systray client (is there a cmd client, too?)



Can't use GPU2 client with Mobile HD 2600!


Hi. I have an Radeon 3870X2, and just wondering what this does to my card?. Better fps in Crysis or what?



My PC sometimes crash /black screen grey lines/, if FH working.
C2D 3GHz, and 3870.


I've the same problem with my mobile radeon 2600 (HP Compaq 8510p) and I get the same error message : At present, only ATI Radeon HD 26xxx GPUs supported

Florin Patan

The download link seems to be broken.
Is there anyway to fix it?



Download Link Busted BUMP BUMP


You should make your sit more clear, modern.
Also there isn't any availible gpu client for ATI x1950 series???

Lim Hung Wai

Download the GPU client here


Lim Hung Wai

GPU client:



When I try to download this, I get a page not found error

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