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March 26, 2008


Team PD 86565

Yay! That much closer to (hopefully) folding with my new Radeon 3870 X2!

Let's hope this phase goes quickly!

Michael Stalter

Yeah.... !
I am waiting for my HD3870 to "fold" as much as possible. Great work Guys.!


Is there a way to be invited to the beta? I have a 2600 Pro


Hope we will have big points with this new client b'coz with 1 Teraflop / 3870 X2 vs 25 Gigaflop / Xeon 5150, i think we can expect 5000 points / day with a single 3870 card ;)

Team 36362

Excellent work guys, there's 2 X 1GB 2900xt running @ 900Mhz itching to run this client!!! Mwa ha ha!!

Peter Wang

I'm getting more excited the closer we get to this! Great work!

Davor Izakovic

Great work indeed..
I hope some day there will be a client for Nvidia cards as well so I can join in with my 8800GTX (or GF10xxx :P )

Andrew  Fincher

I am proud to be apart of something so great.


Closed beta in May? Maybe by the end of April? This'll be good. Looking forward to it!

Steve in SIlverado Canyon

I've got a 3870 running on idle just waiting for some WUs.

Ed S.

What about NVIDIA CARDS?? Why isn't there a client for Geforce cards yet?? We should also put them to work!

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