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March 08, 2008



Nice job sounds like with the new client there should be less problems and more productivity with WUs.

I especially like the idea of having a single client to server as both regular and SMP in case there is a problem they can just switch the client back to regular from SMP and vice versa.

Will there be an option to have a box to check if you want to turn on or turn off having F@H starting up when your computer starts up? I know there is another way to do that but it seems more like a hassle especially since I never do it that way anyways. It seems much easier to just have a option for it in the config menu.

Stephen Dewey

Great! Thanks for this information, it is encouraging. I have learned to live with the SMP bugs for the most part, but they have reduced my folding output somewhat.

Agreed that the integration of single-core and SMP clients is a great development.


Hmm, does this mean that there will be only one client in the future, that can potentially use both SMP and GPU for huge amounts of calculations? That would be amazing, because currently there is a tradeoff between doing SMP and GPU folding, and being able to do both would rock.


whatever helps push Folding@Home into the mainstream is good. More people need to be participating in this great project!


A single universal client means that to run on both SMP and GPU hardware, you would download the same fah client one time. However, you would need to install it twice, once to run fah.exe -gpu and a 2nd time to run fah.exe -smp.


I don't know much about the MPI libraries or what licence they are issued under, but I'm wondering if your work with improved MPI library will be available to other distributed computing projects who wish to take advantage of multicore architectures?

Clint Oakley

If all it does is fix the MPI issue where work stalls after network changes (a brief drop in wireless connection, for example) I'll be happy.


It will be nice to see a new MPI lib that plays nicer with the WinSMP client.

I hope this makes an appearance very very soon.


It appears that there is now a formally announced Folding@Home prize (up to $150 for first place). http://imminst.org/announcing-foldinghome-prize

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