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March 03, 2008



Would there be a way to volunteer to beta test for the new client for people who have GPUs currently unsupported by the GPU client but will be supported by the new version? (i.e. R600 GPUs). I'd like to test it on my 2900, but for obvious reasons am not currently running the GPU client.


Same question. Do you plan limited distribution of closed beta to volunteers? (Possibly under NDA agreement?)


Yes, I too would be willing to sign a NDA and any other paperwork to be able to be of some help in Beta testing the new GPU client!!!


Th NDA is likely not needed as closed beta has never needed one.

Team PD 86565

Progress seems to be coming along quickly, is there a projected date for an open beta that we can use?


If you are taking volunteers for the closed beta, I would like to be included as well. I can run tests on 1xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx, and 3xxxX2 series cards.


I second Brent, I have acess to all but the 3xxxX2 series cards.

Neil Rieck

I've got an HD-3870 just waiting for something to do. Let me know if I can help out in any way.


A comment in a blog is not the place to volunteer IMO, even if volunteering was a way to get involved.

Just a guess, but other than having a 2xxx or 3xxx series card, they are probably looking for active members of the folding support forum so they can get feedback from any beta testing you might do.

In addition to being active in the forum, having posted feedback about some of the open beta clients currently available might be a plus for consideration.

And while the Beta Team on that forum DOES NOT test new clients (just new work units and new fahcores) I would also guess being an active member of that group wouldn't hurt your resume either.

Finally, some real world software testing experience could be helpful too, or any/all of the above. See you on the forum. ;)


Well, I'm a top 500 folder, and have access to a HUGE variety of machines. That probably bumps my qualifications up several levels. ;-)


I've got a VisonTek 3870X2 here. I haven't folded for too long, but I am a quick learner. Drop me an email if you have use for me.


I have 2x HiS ATI 3870X2's in Crossfire X ready to fold for you Vijay!Just let me know and I can unleash my 2 Teraflops of GPU power onto Folding@home! :)


I'm not a big folder or anything usually (running a 2.0GHz C2D) but I have a sapphire HD 3850 that's just waiting for something to do during the day while I'm away.

Also, willing to sign an NDA or whatever is necessary.
Contact me @ (myname)@gmail.com


I have now an Sapphire HD 3870X2 mit 2x 512 MB GDR3 Ram. I wait 4 the new Client ...

greetz from Germany

FeuerKater from the green Planet ( http://www.planet3dnow.de )

Peter B.

Hey. I got 2 3870 x2's. I need to put them to good use other than the usual gaming.


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