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February 11, 2008


Thomas Andrews

Are these updates automatic or are we supposto download updates ourselves?

btw, keep up the good work :D

glad to see that some people care about other people ( especially the ones that suffer with certain things


the update check up is during the start-up of the client [ps3 fah]
so whenever you activate the client check out for a prompt of the ps3
whether there's a new version ready to download, before shutting down your tv...

Saruany Rubalcava

Im glad alot of people are helping it means alot to cause my father suffers from one of the disorders Thanks Again To Everyone Who Is Helping

team 76294

just an idea for the next update! have a setting where people turns their ps3 on for 8 hours or more to have a setting where when the screensaver comes on, the processor power from the gpu will help to! meaning instead of eight hours it won't take as long! or you can assign a work unit for the graphics, so while the cpu is working on one, the gpu can work on one as also! and so can the PPU phicsics chip!! meaning one work unit for the cpu, one for gpu and one for ppu!

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