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February 07, 2008


Daniel Greaken

Are there any ideas when Sony might release the updated client.

Thanks for all the info that you been posting, has kept me from throwing my machine out the window.


Hi, Daniel, I think that one of Those Who Should Know said somewhere else that it is impossible to project when Sony might release the updated client. Right now they're still trying to troubleshoot the issue. When they are done with that, then the Stanford team and Sony must agree on a solution, Sony has to make the changes to their code, and the package has to be published on the servers. So there's a lot of things left to do and a lot of groups that must work together to get them done, which takes more time than one group working alone, and makes the finishing time somewhat unpredictable.


uploading a p4017 and it gets to 50% and then starts all over again and again and again and again until it decides there is a fail and it states it will try again in 2 minutes or 5 minutes.

John Swain

Has Sony considered downloading Ver 1.2 until the fiasco in Ver 1.3 is corrected?? It would help with the folding until Ver. 1.3 corrected could be released as a beta release that could be tested by those who are willing to run their machines without caring if they get credit for the work they do or not.


RE; ver 1.2 & 1.3
My recollection is that 1.3 was released along with an OS upgrade. I suspect that 1.2 is incompatible with the current OS - otherwise, that's exactly what they would have (Or should bave) done. :-)

Three PS3's totally dedicated to folding are sitting here. Depressing as hell - but stuff like this happens.

My major issue, and true disappointment is that the 1.3 client was not adequately tested prior to release. I see absolutely no excuse for that.

I'm patient. I can wait for the resolution of the problem(s). :-)


@PI - Version 1.3 ran for months without this issue. 30,000 PS3 clients pounding the servers daily to upload completed work units and download new work seems quite adequately tested to me.

If you have a way to see unforseen problems months before they occur, please post them.

Or if you have a way to easily simulate the load of 30,000 PS3 clients, that would be helpful also.

Until then, no excuses needed. ;)


As 7im says, this is clearly NOT a problem with V1.3 - that SW worked fine for MONTHS on end. The problems didn't start until they started dicking around with the Stanford servers; somehow or another, the server replacement/swap "broke" something. All I know is, right now -much like others have reported - I can download new WUs just fine, but I cannot upload ANY results. In fact, now my box has stopped attempting to even upload ANYTHING; when I first start the client, I no longer even get the message that says "Attempting to upload results". I have now "lost", somewhere in the ether, at least 5 completed WUs and even the client seems to have given up hope of ever being able to contact the mothership. I am now done with folding until a fix is created and distributed; I refuse to waste power performing calculations that will never be used.

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