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February 07, 2008



A while does not give Folding at Home users enough information. As it is possible from what you are saying 90%+ of us may have machines waiting for units which is a lot of wasted electric being used to do nothing. With the amount of green issues being pushed on us around the world wouldn’t it be more responsible to tell PS3 users to stop crunching until the next update comes out.


just4funuk, I think that "a while" is going to be as good as we're going to get. If you choose to turn off your PS3s for a day or two until the fix gets rolled out, that would be perfectly understandable. They extended the deadlines on the work units, so you should not lose anything if you choose to shut down temporarily.


My client was "fixed" by update #6, but can't connect to the server for 2 days now. So it's now off, saving some power/carbon/greenhouse gas until Sony rolls out the new client.

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