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February 20, 2008



Windows 6.01 beta3 text-only console -- immediately crashes under Vista (32-bit). Have not tried on XP.
I had to revert back to beta2.

Peter Wang

YAY! this is great news! I'm glad to hear that you guys are making good progress, I really hope to see a beta soon! Keep up the good work guys!


werwin, your version starts only in march, thus it is not ment to work in february.

2008-03-06, Expires 2008-08-02

if you're talking about gpu.


I'll be so happy when the new GPU client comes out... I've got my Radeon HD 3870 X2 ready to go!


werwin, it works ok on XP.
are there any evaluations for performance rise on Radeon HD 2000/3000 compared to X1950? I mean, is there any sense to bother upgrading the VGA for a new GPU core?


I'm not talking about the GPU client. I'm referring to the "Windows: V6 beta clients" - "Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista text-only console (with built-in Windows-service-install option)" "6.01 beta3" crashes under Windows Vista.

Apparently theres a beta 4 now, so I'll try that


Update: beta 4 works.


I would be happy to assist with the closed beta on my 3850 / Q6600 machine. I am a professional SQA engineer, so any defect reports would be concise with simple steps to reproduce errors.



All previous mentioned problems appear to be resolved on my three PS3's.

I am, however, continuing to watch them for anomalies. :-)


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Delete these at will (please)


Update: 6.01 beta 4 of the "Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista text-only console (with built-in Windows-service-install option)" has crashed.
Please see screenshot -- http://werwin.net/fah-b4.jpg

J Willaford

Any word on if the new Nvidia chips are usefull yet. I know there's been alot of insinuation, but not action on that.


NV client will not be released anytime soon.

team 76294

they ought to! exspecially the tesla chip! 500 gflops per chip and then you put one for every slot your pc can hold, That's Power! my destop would have a good 4 teraflops of power! and if you get enough people (about 70) you would be hitting the petaflop mark easily!


how do u get on to 3d home please can u tell me


1) New Nvidia chips are slower than old X1950XT for folding app.

Nvidia 8600 GTS : 32 Stream processors

Nvidia 9600 GT : 64 Stream processors

Nvidia 8800 GT : 112 Stream processors

Ati 3850 & Ati 3870 : 320 Stream processors

2) CUDA gives not low level access to the chip. It's impossible with the actual version of CUDA to fold.

So i think there won't be Nvidia client in a near future. R700 will be out in 3-4 monts. The main chip will have 480 stream processors. And Q3 2008 there will be a dual core and a quad core version of the R700. 480 stream processors x 4.

One R700 processor has 1 teraflop power... A quad core will have 4 teraflop !!!


At current state the FAH GPU client is placed on top of Brook/Brook+. The Brook is able to run with Nvidia GPUs, so there is still some hope the Nvidia running GPU client may land.

team 76294

seb not what i herd, your facts are off! the tesla is just one big supercomputer chip! i think you might want to go and check your facts! if the rx what ever has 1 tflop of power, then why is the ps3 running circles around it? you may want to look at specs!


Wait a second...

OK, Tesla=500GFLOPS? So does the Radeon 3870... so where would be the HUGE benefit of using this nvidia chip over what is already out on the ATI side?

The Radeon 3870 X2 sports 1 TFLOP of performance. Trust me, its a beauty and I ain't gettin' rid of mine anytime soon. To fold on this monster would be just as beautiful.

The amount of stream processors alone does not decide performance. As if it weren't already obvious, Nvidia cards are using less stream processors and on average achieving more performance than ATI ones. The exception is the 3870 X2. Then again, maybe it isn't an exception because its really 2 GPUs on the same card.

The PS3 sports 2 TFLOPS of performance, hence the reason why it would 'run circles around' something with only 1 TFLOP of performance output.

The 1950XTX is THE folding beast right now in the GPU area. I can't wait to see my new videocard promoted to folding monster soon :) 640 stream processors, 1GB of RAM on a 512-bit bus, and 2 R670 cores working in tandem...


Let's not forget gaming performance does not equate to folding performance.

And all FLOPS are not created equally. The GPUs are doing more FLOPS, but have to repeat some steps because of their very specific architecture. So while doing more FLOPS, they do slightly less science, which is one of the two major factors that is has a lower PPD benchmark.

And nobody but staffers from NV or from Stanford can say with any certainty whether an NV client is days a way from release, months, or years.

However, Pande Group HAS said that work on the NV client development continues. So let's wait and see.

Neil Rieck


On behalf of all humanity, I want to thank you and your team for efforts in this area of science.

Over the centuries non-science people have down played major scientific advances as they were occurring (the work by Mendel, Darwin, Watson & Crick, Nirenberg, and Mullis spring to mind) and I feel the same thing is happening with folding@home. In years to come, historians and anthropologists will look folding@home as one of the great nexus points of humanity.


another blow for Nvidia...

ATI seems the only company that is doing really something for F@H


Am I the person your monitoring?


Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista GPU Client console version (with multi-GPU support) 6.01 beta5 crashed (WinXP pro, Athlon 64 FX-60 and ATI X1950XTX)

Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista Console client (with built-in Windows-service-install option) 6.01 beta5 crashed (WinXP pro, Mobile Athlon 64 3000+)

6.01 beta2: No problems!

My english is bad.


I want to know why the PS3 gets so few points per core than the PC and GPU clients? For example, a Core 2 Duo running the SMP client gets about 1500+ points per day and a quad core gets over 3000 points per day. All the while our 8-core PS3s are getting about 1000 points per day.

What's the deal with that? With off-the-shelf components you can build a q6600 for about $500 with components from Fry's and get 3 times the points you can get on a $399 40 GB PS3. Why is the PS3 being discouraged in this way?

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