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January 29, 2008



Is this why my PS3 won't upload the data right now? Thanks for the program, the support, and the answer in advance!


Same here can't download new files with my PlayStation 3.


yeah it alive (ps3)


My PS3 was acting pretty quirky. It did not upload 2 work units that I completed. Had no trouble downloading new ones though. And it did not shut down my PS3 after completing the work units. This maybe because it never got the chance to upload them. Pissed me off pretty good that I wasted 19 hours folding so I took it off my PS3.


Ya I completed 1 work unit and then it wouldn't upload it so I shut it off hoping it would work in the morning but instead it just started a new one. It was really disappointing hopefully this gets fixed soon


Over the last couple days I have lost several WU's. Someone look into this and please fix it. People are going to to get discouraged from folding. By the way, I'm using a 60GB PS3.


what is the problem? are u using widow serves 2008?


Windows Server 2008? The news article is about PS3's and I'm pretty sure everyone who made comments is talking about their PS3's.


I think he's talking about what OS the PS3 server's are running not the PS3's.


If you need assistance, please post in the Folding Forum. http://foldingforum.org


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