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January 30, 2008



Are the WU's we've already completed and uploaded still good or should we hold off folding on our PS3's until this is fixed?

Matt Fisher

I am pretty sure you have nothing to worry about. If they were not using the work units submitted, I am sure they would tell you outright to stop your clients.


Well last night there was a slight hicuup in uploading a unit. But now they won't upload at all is why I'm asking.

I have 259 total. 211 on PS3. It was at 30% or so last night I think and then when I woke up I checked again and it was at 8% on a new unit but units done was still at 211. There must be a problem with the uploading of units now.


hi there. can you put more of the psp in the ps3. i love the ps3. i am on it now. can you put the psp screen on the tv by streaming it to the ps3. put that in one of the updates. and make the ps3s games stream to the psp? from adaminnb in team (Data Storm) have a great day. i am having a great day in the uk on my ps3.


My PS3 wont dowload again. Just keeps trying and failing. Then it waits then tries again...and again...and again.


I seem to be able to download work units but I have not had any completed WU credited to my acccount for at least a day.


Sorry but from my experience the connection problem has now become worse for me as now my Ps3's are having problems downloading work units.Have you any more news or a time scale when this should be sorted by?


I seem to have had a successful upload of a work unit last night and a new WU downloaded to my PS3. it is 3 hours left on a 3412 WU now. I though have seemed to lost a day and half of folding results though from yesterday


something is really wrong with the PS3 side. For the past two days W/U's have uploaded to both PS3(60g and 80g), both running latest updates(both Sony and FAH)and yet zero compleated W/Us are being recorded on my stats page. My other P-4's and G-5 are folding and uploading compleated W/U's which are showing up on my stats page. Will this problem be resolved in the next 24 hours???

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