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December 01, 2007



At last! Google groups was very inconvenient

riguet alexandrina



phpBB :(


I'd say it's time to push the reset button and start over fresh!


The old forum is such a great documentation of the evolution of the folding at home project. It would be a real pity if it just disappeared without a trace.

I work as a historian of science, and therefore my interests in Folding at Home is double: I think it is a cool project and therefore run the client on my Mac, but also, it is a very interesting project from the perspective of the history of recent science, the evolution of protein science, the interaction between protein scientists, computer people and the public.

Someday, someone will want to write this history, and then the forum would be a great source. So, this talk about resetting and starting over fresh makes me a bit sad.

Should you decide to dump the old forum, perhaps the old one could live on in a kind of archival state?


As to the historical archive of the old forum, it could be gleaned into the FAH WIKI FAQ.

I'm convinced we're better off starting fresh periodically.


FWIW, the old content of FCF should be restored to the temp and new forum, because this contains the whole support history. This is gold mine of support information, all external sites link to those posts, those are wothless if the content is not restored.

The FAH Wiki also heavily links to posts on FCF, those are worthless now too. So a fresh start without the old content is out of the question in my opinion.


That's hardly the case BAS. Most of the important content was put in the F@H WIKI. The links back to the FC Forum simply provided a link to credit the source, or to provide additional context to info in the WIKI entry.

If the only content in the WIKI was a link to another location, then that would be a poorly written WIKI entry.

NONE of the WIKI entries are poorly written.

The old forum is not gone. It's simply not in a usable state. The data has not been lost. Please have some patience.


I'm not sure you know the state of the Wiki very well, you weren't part of the major restructuring effort for instance.

The Wiki relies on FCF for further information, this is not available now and won't be again if the old content is not restored.

That's why I'm very concerned about the old FCF content, and needed to state this importance. Continuing without the old content is out of the question in _my_ opinion. I'll stop contributing if the old content is not restored because I don't have to time & energy to reproduce all that was lost. And I believe it is of the utmost importance to restore it, we can't do without it without living with a permanent handicap.

I've lost my patience with the FCF situation some time ago. I don't have patience anymore, I do have ADHD :)


Feel free to send me a PM on the new forum with any WIKI entries that are lacking content because of the links to the old forum not working.

I will dig the info out of the old forum, and add it to the WIKI, as it should have been done originally.


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