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December 19, 2007



It'd be nice if the "shutdown after amount of time" could be applied to the controllers and not the system. Because I always leave it folding my controllers seem to stay on and run out of batteries.


Bryn: You can in fact turn off the Sixaxis while folding - I do it ALL the time. Simply press the PS button & select the 'turn off controller' option. It does NOT affect Folding@Home in any way. Give it a shot, man.


Wish the SCEA people would drop by the folding forum from time to time.


Are those 2 items only changes made to the FAH PS3 v1.3?

Micke N

I only wish new updates for the SMP client on Windows would come and also a new GPU client so that my HD 2900 Pro can get to work :D


These are two bugs that I have noticed in the new version of the PS3 client:
First off, the internet browser will freeze from time to time, sometimes up to a few minutes, before control is returned to the user.
Secondly, when you pause the visuals when using the "Backbone" display mode and switch to "Liquorice" while paused, the molecule will display incorrectly (atoms and links scattered across the screen) until the visuals are unpaused. I have not tested this bug thorouhgly though, so the same problem migh happen with other display modes as well...

Hoping to see those corrected in further improvements of the client :) Great job otherwise, I really hope that as PS3 users we are helping a lot in finding a cure for these terrible diseases...

(Donor name is Darkdrium)


I personally find these upgrades great it allows me more time on folding. It used to get boring for me after one or two minutes but now with the music i can actually stay on for a good hour


is it possible to play music from a media server so that i dont have to copy all my mp3's to the ps3?



can i surf the net while folding?

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