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November 12, 2007


Stephen Dewey

The new GUI is gorgeous. Great work! Can't wait to see it in action.

Stephen Dewey

Also, just in general, I've been very impressed by how quickly improvements have happened at F@H over the past 6 months or so. Things have really taken off!

Of course, I'm sure development has always been on a steady pace, but recently the improvements have been more visible from the vantage point of individual donors like myself, which has been gratifying.


That's BEAUTIFUL!!! Very, very impressive design, hope this will surely attract MUCH more donors. Great work friends! When, WHEN can we all try it out?


I was really wishing for some nvidea support. I want a 8800 for come sweet video games and FOR FOLDING!
PS I love folding On my ps3


CastleBomb44, be patient, Nvidia didn't offer any stable version of their GPU drivers yet (I mean stable for F@H), so it's not Pandegroup's fault that we still don't have Nvidia GPU client. Time will come...


Any news on whether there will be any support for ATI's HD2xxx line?


Well I hope they give more points per day for the new GPU client.

The new quad core multi-threaded console gives nearly 3 times the amount of points as the current GPU client.

I gave on the GPU client months ago.


I guess the real question for the GUI client is will it still be quite a bit slower than the CLI client due to the pretty graphic?? I really do love that graphic and would like to have it kicks in as screensaver; however, if the performance isn't there when compare to SMP CLI client, then it's just not worth it no matter how pretty it is....

also, will this GUI client also support SMP too?

Stephen Dewey

zurge, couldn't you run both the GPU and SMP clients at the same time? Or no?


will this be an update for the ps3?


It seems that the people from NVIDIA does not take FOH very serious.

Strange, with MILLIONS of users having Gforce cards, this should benefit not only FOH but also Nvidia..i do not understand the vision that Nvidia has in this...

Here i'm with my 8800 ultra...my next card will be a ATI !


How about throwing the demo version up in the download section as a BETA? Also, the world wants to know of the R600 and newer series ATI GPU's are supported. Thats the big question.

As for the CPU side of things, has there been any optimizations for AMD's K10 architecture using the new Math Libraries that were recently released? It would be sweet to have a Phenom X4 system with a couple of HD 3870's Folding (more like crushing).


I need to send a angry email to nvidea because I want to fold on there cards so bad


Does this mean a client can work on older GPUs now?

I have a 12 month old intel imac with one of those standard apple/ati vid cards. Will it be compatible?


I have half a dozen machines needing video board upgrades and keep waiting to do it until I know what next generation will be supported...love to know what's up?!



Really great stuff you are going and working on.
Would it be possible to publish an approximate roadmap for supporting other ATI GPU (2xxx and 3xxx) so we know what/when to buy and support you better guys?



This really seems to be a major upgrade to the current GUI version. Great work!
Could you please give some feedback on the ATI HD2900XT (and other ATI GPU's) being supported by a new GPU client version?
Is there an estimated time frame for this?
I would be glad to run the SMP and the GPU clients at the same time! :-)


Geoff Saverino

this program is cool.
I wish they had this program on PS2


Will it stop running when I play games?


When will this new GUI be available?


What happened to this client? Wasnt it supposed to be released late 2007?

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