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November 28, 2007


Stephen Dewey

It might be worth considering a change of forum software during this transition. I believe the F@H forum was using phpBB. I've had good experiences with vBulletin, and (this is highly subjective) I think it has less of a record of security vulnerabilities. I'm not knowledgeable enough, however, to give you a definitive comparison of the two pieces of software one way or the other... but you might want to investigate it since you're in transition anyway.


This is pretty shocking..you would think Stanford could afford a forum server, with all the vendors it has.

--Not a flame post but come on..even folding@home stats server is always down and that also re-links you to other websites..

With the ps3 by its side, is Stanford overwhelmed by the traffic or something?


Yes, Stanford can afford a forum server, but this project has always prided itself for having a 3rd Party sponsored independent forum. That independence allows us to voice our concerns freely and openly, without any outside influence.

Additionally, porting the old forum to a new location, testing the new forum security, and moving the DB with all the posts and user accounts is not a 1 day task. Your continued patience in this matter is appreciated.

As for the stats server, it is not always down, just unavailable for 15 minutes while compiling the stats from nearly 300,000 active users. The 3rd party stats pages are provided as a convenience for those who are too impatient to wait a few minutes for the Stanford page to return.

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