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October 08, 2007


Warren Marts

So very glad to hear about extended card/GPU support. I have some idea of how difficult writing 'portable' GPU code must be, given you probably have to have to deal with some kind of a shader compiler built into the OEM's DirectX driver.

Can we hear about any progress for supporting Brand "N" in addition to Brand "A"? NVidia has been making lots of noise about their GPGPU dev efforts.

Mike N

Great to hear, I just bought a Radeon HD 2900 Pro and am looking forward to folding on it!


I just updated form the beta5 to beta6 GPU client and am now experiencing a lot of trouble. Every time I shut down the client, it loses its progress and re-downloads a new work packet.

Also, the beta6 client crashes if I use the links underneath the Status menu.

I am writing these things here as your forums will not work for me. It may be a browser-specific bug (I use Firefox). Basically, the forums will not load until I refresh several (as many as forty) times, and then they do not allow me to register so that I can post, saying that I have already registered. I have not registered before, though, and have no confirmation email or anything stating that any of my failed attempts actually got through.

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