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September 27, 2007


Micke N

I didn't quite understand, will you continue to release two versions (one regular with SMP support and one pure SMP) or will v6 merge these two versions into one general?



The v6 will merge SMP and single CPU client into one executable.


I've been testing v6 in my P4 3.2 for 24hours and it looks very stable to me.

Very nice work ;)


Hi, I have downloaded v6, and i put the -smp flag and it says: [16:17:23] + Working ...
[16:17:23] - Calling 'mpiexec -np 4 -host FahCore_78.exe -dir work/ -suffix 02 -priority 96 -checkpoint 15 -service -forceasm -verbose -lifeline 2992 -version 600'

[16:17:25] CoreStatus = 63 (99)
[16:17:25] + Error starting Folding@Home core.
Folding@Home will go to sleep for 1 day as there have been 5 consecutive Cores executed which failed to complete a work unit.
[16:17:25] (To wake it up early, quit the application and restart it.)
[16:17:25] If problems persist, please visit our website at http://folding.stanford.edu for help.
[16:17:25] + Sleeping...

Gear7th [ITA]

Good job. ;)

This new version runs very well on my machine.


Hopefully V6 will have some NVIDIA support this time.

Just a waste to see all this computing power 'not used' in all these pc's.

My hopes are high !



I have a ATI x1950 video card, should I migrate to v6.? Does v6 suport GPU?
thx and congrats!


And me... the new icon is nice.


I am using the GPU client with my Radeon X1950 as well as a console client for my processor, but I have a question about sound processors. I know sound cards are becoming a niche item inside of PCs and are not typically installed unless directly requested by manufacturers. Still, I can't help but think that maybe sound processors could be of some use in some little way. If so, what would stop the F@H team from creating a client that utilizes all of my processing cores?

Also, when can we expect a new, full client for the GPU? I am happy with the current beta as it has not presented any problems whatsoever (good job), but I think it may be a little slow. My X1950 stays between 2.6sec/frame and 3.3sec/frame.


As to sound processors, they're connected by a much narrower pipe than the GPU. So, you'd stall out.

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