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September 14, 2007



Cool... I hadn't checked the download page in a while and I didn't even realize that there was a Windows SMP version available! It used to be that it was available just for *nix and Macs, and I had been running 2 simultaneous standalone cores on my Core 2 Duo laptop until now.

Maybe I should check the download page more often... but I assumed it would just show up on the News page. Hopefully this blog post will get the word out to other people.


Also, for the MD5 signature for the Windows SMP download I am actually getting:


I got this on my own computer and also on another computer. Are you sure your checksum is correct?


Looks like you've changed the MD5 checksum... thanks :)


I run the SMP Windows client at home & work since I got new dual core computers a few months ago.

The work computer has XP, and FAH generally works great; I reinstalled it a few times when it appeared to get stuck on something.

My home computer (Dell XPS 410) has Vista, and it was harder to get that going. I had to Google a bit to find out about the need to turn off User Account Control. Every time my McAfee Antivirus updates & forces a reboot (or seemingly any other time I reboot), mpiexec.exe & csrss.exe processes pop up using 20-40% of the processors, so I uninstall, delete the FAH directory & unfinished work, and reinstall to get it to work right again. I have to do this about once a week.

This needs to work much better, with UAC on, for wider adoption on multicore computers running Vista.

Let me know if there's some testing group I can join to help. I've run FAH on a number of computers since you released it in ~2000.

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