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September 18, 2007


F@H Username : DannyG

Well, I'm happy to see that tangible results are starting to show already.

The PS3 really does seem to be helping with this epic project. My PS3 has been folding almost constantly since March.

Keep up the good work guys and I can't wait for the next F@H update.

Michael Drescher

I believe you meant to say v1.3 software instead of v1.2...


Does the PS3 version implement the float speeding technique known as "iterative refinement"?
It's documented in this paper: "LAPACK Working Note 175: Exploiting the Performance of 32 bit Floating
Point Arithmetic in Obtaining 64 bit Accuracy
(Revisiting Iterative Refinement for Linear Systems)"

You can check "Cell processor" on Wikipedia for the link.


That's very nice to hear and because PS3 is fairly new to F@H i'm sure you can push it quite a bit further.

I'm sure you will find a balanced solution between the accuracy and the speed of the calculations, so that you get maximum efficiency out of the platform. Congratulations to the guys who are developing the code for PS3 and keep up the good work.

70-90 GFLOPS sounds pretty darn fast so it would be exciting to see such numbers. Good job everyone with PS3.

I like this new blog by the way. It provides more new information more often, thank you for that.


been runnig my PS3 almost straight 24/7 for over 1600 hrs haven't had any problems what so ever my teams number is 55054 if you would like to join a team or look at my teams stats. feel free. we all have a chance to be apart of something that could change the world aroud us and for our children and their children. so keep up the good work. Pyrolock is also my ps3 sign in name.

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70-90 GFLOPS certainly does sound impressive! Sounds like there are big plans for the future. Good luck with it all!

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