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September 16, 2007



I'm wondering when will that be out? and what's all that translate to the pointage of the PS3?? ........


When you mean speed up over a PC, is that also including the quad core clients?


it's available now, I just downloaded the new version. Also, the PS3 has seven 3.2GHz cores (8 cell die with one clipped) and one core is dedicated to the OS. It is still faster than a quad core desktop chip.


1.2 is the current version, they're talking about 1.3


Why isn't the code OPEN SOURCE?
You are asking for worldwide support yet still don't open the source of the client (at least parts of it), claiming security? reasons.

Come on. Like you won't be able to check the modified open codea and the resulting binaries. It's nice to bend the rules and use a GPL software as a basis for your research, yet not obliged to post your code.


I don't see lack of open source to be a problem, and besides F@H GROMACS was licensed outside GPL.


This new update has me very excited. I can't wait to download it this Friday night! I love Folding on my PS3. So any update to the client gets a thumbs-up from me!

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