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May 23, 2008



Great stuff guys.. can't wait to see the speed boost on the OS Stats!


NVIDIA client! superb!


Originally, you weren't going to pursue an nVidia client because it would rely on CUDA.

Have you reversed this decision? Or will this be using CUDA and thus nVidia only?


No, the OpenMM is a way forward and it will support for ATI CAL and Nvidia CUDA.


Is there any videos showing what the picture is showing off?


Is there any videos showing what the picture is showing off?


Mike, it is in GPU2 client itself :)
Click on tray icon with right mouse button, select Display, then click on F1-F6 keys ant you can choose whatever display you want :)
that works only in latest beta5 :)


I meant for people just to look at the visualization that can't run the GPU client..

I searched YouTube to see what it looks like compared to the ps3 client and nobody has posted anything..


I have a AMD HD 3870 GDDR4 but
the alternative options the other clients SMP, MAC, LINUX.... -forceasm -local -verbosity9. Where put this orders in GPU Client !!!! Would you like a answers ? Please


Flag adding process is described in the FAQ as well:

Adam A. Wanderer

Thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing how much the data flow increases with these new clients and supporting hardwares. I only hope I live long enough to see the term, "Solved", applied to the Folding problem and the distributed computing move on to the next major problem in biology.

Chris Lees

I use Linux and an Nvidia graphics card, so I guess I'm a third-class citizen in folding. I'd love to see GPU2 for Linux that can take advantage of an Nvidia graphic card. I don't care about fancy visualisations, just give us the core!


Another Linux user here. There are Linux CUDA drivers out already, so all we need is a GPU2 client


I'm a Linux user too. I'd also like a 'GPU2' core kind of client!


I'd also love to see an nvidia core for linux. Is there an ati one already? or are we still waiting for gpu folding on linux altogether?


I am also linux user, and waiting for gpu2 client.


I also an a Linux F@H user and would like to see a GPU2 core.



I almost exclusively use linux, it would be great to have an FAH client which does nvidia CUDA _and_ SMP at the same time.



Another vote on the Linux Nvidia folding client.

I alternate between windows and linux for practicality (gaming, overclocking) reasons, and it sucks that I cant give you guys the entire power of my rig while using my favorite OS :(


Another vote for Linux Nvidia folding client.


I too am a Nvidia Linux user with Dual Graphics cards that would love to see a F@H for it.


I also would like to see SMP+NVidia on linux.

Jon Anderson

I would also like to see an nVidia Linux client - I maintain a cluster built of old machines from our engineering labs, so I have 34 Quadros to use!


hate to make a post sound like a broken record, i am a linux nvidia user, and demand a gpu core.

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